Herve Leger

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Many know Hervé Legér for his famous 'body-con' knitted dresses. The dresses were produced from 1989-1997 and had a sucessful revival from 2008 and onwards. His business idea of the 'body-con' dress was that he wanted women to show their beautiful body shapes and also attract attention with the dress. Hervés surname was Peugnet when he started to work at the age of 23 for Karl Lagerfelt. Lagerfelt persuaded Hervé to change his surname so he easier would succeed internationally. After Lagerfelt, Hervé worked for Chanel, Lanvin, Fendi, Diane von Furstenburg, Chloé and Swarovski. At the age of 28, he started his own brand Hervé Leger and four years later the 'body-con' dress was born. The inspiration to the dressens Hervé got from his time designing swimsuits.

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